Video Translation

With the exponential growth of digital video content set to continue, there’s little wonder why marketers are increasingly focusing their time and budgets on publishing video across the web and social media. However, when it comes to targeting multiple international territories and demographics, creating original content for everyone simply isn’t practical.

That’s why we offer two services which can captivate a global audience for cost-effective prices.

VoiceBox: Subtitle Translation for Video

Subtitle Translation for Video

Through adding multiple translated subtitles to one video, our Subtitle Translation service will provide you with an end product which audiences of varying nationalities can all understand.

With the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram automatically muting the video content posted on their timelines, grabbing viewers’ attention and guaranteeing engagement is proving a challenge for every publisher operating online today. That’s why, when targeting a specific demographic, our Subtitle Translation service is invaluable.

Voice Over Translation for Video

Another way in which content creators can overcome the language barriers which stand between them and consumers is through using our Voice Over service. Our authentic, native voice over artists will make your message resonate with viewers around the world.

Here at VoiceBox, we only work with the most talented native language voice over artists in the industry. This means that if, for example, you needed a German voice over, we’d cast a German voice over artist who speaks the language in a way that is truly authentic and will resonate with a German audience.

With more than 2,000 voice over artists covering over 200 languages, we’re also the perfect partner for your translation projects.

VoiceOver: Voice Over Translation for Video


You guys have been awesome to work with on this, from getting the original translations to the audio overlay and asset delivery. Really looking forward to working with you on projects in the future.

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