With video due to account for a staggering 74% of all web traffic, and Facebook’s daily video views topping 8 billion, 2017 is set to be the most competitive year yet to publish video content online. Videogeddon is upon us.

With such a saturated marketplace, how can you make your video content stands out from the crowd?

At VoiceBox, we’ve developed 4 surefire ways to increase video views whilst improving your video SEO, social media engagement, accessibility and international reach along the way.

#1: Closed Captions

Closed-Caption-Subtitles-YouTubeAdding closed caption subtitles to your video content is a great way to boost your video SEO.

As advanced as Google is at indexing written content, it’s still unable to effectively ‘listen’ to video and audio content. However, as closed captions come from a text file this means that the keyword rich dialogue becomes readable by search engine bots.

What’s more, with 5% of the world’s population identifying themselves as deaf or hard of hearing, closed captions fulfil corporate social responsibility by making video content accessible.

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#2: Open Captions

Open CaptionsOpen CaptionsPerfect for increasing social media engagement, open captions are subtitles which are always on and are ‘burned’ into video content.

With all social media videos being muted by default, and over 80% of videos being watched with the volume off, seizing users’ engagement is virtually impossible without burned in captions.

In recent months, Nissan, Marks & Spencer and even Downing Street have all added open captions to their social media video content, increasing video engagement by over 12%.

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#3: Video Translation Through Subtitles

Ted Baker | Video TranslationVideo Translation through subtitlesSubtitles are a cost effective way of localising video content for different markets, allowing publishers to exponentially extend the reach of their content.

Easy to upload to YouTube, multilingual subtitles also boost video SEO and social media engagement across their target demographics.

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#4: Video Translation Through Voice Overs

Voice Over ArtistsStudies show that 72% of customers prefer to buy products and services in their own language.

Adding a professional, native-language, voice over to your video will not only localise the content but will also allow your video to resonate with your target audience.

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Ben Dobson

Ben Dobson is Marketing Manager at VoiceBox. Ben has a passion for digital and social media marketing. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and surfing across the Gower peninsula.