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A well established Spanish voice over artist with a wealth of experience. Her language is Standard Spanish. Violeta has a age range with her voice overs, between 20 and 35 years of age but she can also sound like a little girl. Her areas are music as well as biology and science. Violeta studies music and has a biology degree. Furthermore, she is interest in art and literature. She also sung in various choirs in Spain.

She fluently speaks Spanish, English and French with a Spanish accent.

Interactive Voice Response

Up to 500 words > 3 minutes

£265.00, +20% Synced to video

Up to 1500 words > 10 minutes

£310.00, +20% Synced to video

1500 - 3000 words > 10-20 minutes

£445.00, +20% Synced to video

3000-45000 Words > 20-30 minutes

£615.00, +20% Synced to video

4500-6000 Words > 30-40 minutes

£775.00, +20% Synced to video


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