Voice Overs

Welcome to the World’s Most Eclectic Library of Voice Overs 

Whether you’re looking for a classic British voice over for a corporate video, something Attenboroughesque for a television commercial or a collection of French voice overs to localise your e-Learning materials, we are sure to have the perfect voice (or voices) for you.

Go Native, Be Authentic

Here at VoiceBox, we only work with the most talented native language voice over artists in the industry. This means that if, for example, you needed a German voice over, we’d cast a German voice over artist who speaks the language in a way that is truly authentic and will resonate with a German audience. With more than 2,000 voice over artists covering over 200 languages, we’re also the perfect partner for audio translation and video translation projects.

Discover Your Voice

To find the perfect voice over for your project, check out our extensive library of artists above. You can also get in touch with the VoiceBox team by either clicking our ‘Get a Quote’ button or by calling us on 01792 450979, so we can work together to create your dream voice over.

Need Help Finding Your Dream Voice Over?

Relax! We completely understand that sometimes there is such a thing as having too much choice. So, if you’d like us to find your perfect voice over artist, get in touch, and a member of our super-friendly team will get back to you as quickly as possible.